What's It Like To Be Skinned Alive?

If foxes could speak maybe they would tell you

Barbaric acts still take place

Humans are no longer flayed but groups such as PETA claim the fur trade continues to skin animals alive. Now, the fur trade is an emotive and controversial issue, with any such subject opinions become polarised. How groups communicate will reinforce their point of view.

A broken connection with the natural world

When you go to a shop, you might see a coat with a fur hood, a hat that keeps the cold out, a shawl that feels soft to the touch. What you don’t see is the fox carcass, bloody and exposed after having its fur ripped from its skin. Or the seal, clubbed to death to keep you warm in the winter.

From controller to guardian

We act as if we can take what we want, when we want from nature. The consequences aren’t even an afterthought. But this unhealthy relationship is leading to unintended consequences. Whether that be the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, or habitat destruction, the natural world is no longer able to take the abuse we put it under. The natural world is changing.

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