Could Climate Strikes Lead to a Global Revolution?

The climate strikes are a sign of a global movement developing

Picture: Reuters

Governments won’t do more, because they can’t

We often think of the climate crisis as a problem. It’s not. It’s an effect of one. The problem is the belief systems driving our economy. The problem is growth and consumerism. These are beliefs leading to an undesired outcome. Changes to the climate.

Systems change, not climate change

Throughout history, systems change has come through revolution. The Russian Revolution is one such example.

Climate Revolution

The current situation shares many similarities. People are protesting, demanding changes to deal with the climate crisis.

What’s missing?

Unlike previous systems refusing to change, the dilemma we face is change is certain. The climate crisis is changing the environment that supports life. We have no choice but to change if we have any hope of dealing with the crisis.

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