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Every COP meeting on climate change seems to be a tragic repeat no one wants to watch. The initial hope that this time will be different ends with disappointment. Since COP26 ended, the UN secretary-general has admitted the deal agreed upon is not adequate. The tragedy continues. …

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One person, one vote is a basic foundation of modern democracy. Elections are the ultimate expression of that democratic right. But the voting patterns of pensioners and young people represent a weakness with the democratic system. Politically, the young and old want very different things, yet pensioners have a significant…

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The British Financier James Goldsmith once said it’s as if “the rich are enjoying champagne on the deck of the Titanic”. The Titanic was made famous due in part to the conviction it was unsinkable, only for it to sink on its maiden voyage, killing an estimated 1500 people. There…

Paul Abela, MSc

Blogger and systems thinker | Place a lens on the social, economic and political causes of the climate crisis | Visit my website and blog at

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