Balance is key

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Redundancy is built into technology so companies can maximise profits

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It’s suddenly all quiet on the terrorist front

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Travel. South America. Peru.

Locked between the ocean and the desert Lobitos made for an unforgettable experience

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The herd is destroying the world it depends on

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The threat of a European Super League has not gone away, because the problems that led to its announcement still exist

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The fact Britain has an unelected head of state contradicts its claim to be a custodian of democracy

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Charities relieve the symptoms of social problems; they aren't set up to deal with the causes of them

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He got mugged three times in the space of two months

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Materialism has disastrous environmental consequences

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Paul Abela, MSc

Blogger and systems thinker | Place a lens on the social, economic and political causes of the climate crisis | Visit my website and blog at

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