2 Paths in the Climate Crisis and How We’re Still in Control of Our Destiny

One path leads to catastrophe the other provides optimism

Addicted to fossil fuels

It’s important to recognise that the climate crisis is an effect of a problem. The cause is our economic system. In fact, since 1988 100 companies have been responsible for over 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. If we want to stop the effect of the problem, we need to stop the cause. It seems simple. But these companies are powerful. They value short term profit over the long term well-being of humanity. As their self-interest lies in continuing to emit harmful greenhouse gases, they use their power to exert political influence to maintain the status quo.


Transformatisation is a process where we continue on the path of business as usual. Dismissing the alarm bells, we remain reliant on fossil fuels to power our economy deep into the twenty-first century. Efforts are made to adapt to the transformation, but these are small changes, not really conducive to solving the challenges lying ahead. The changes are rooted in a desire to provide an illusion of change while maintaining the same economic structure that is creating the problem.

Not fit for purpose

Powerful vested interests in our current way of doing things have no interest in adapting in line with the transformation to our climate system. Why would they? If your power is rooted in the current way of doing things, to adapt would be to give up that power base. Why do you think climate deniers are a thing? Denying there is a problem sows seeds of doubt in people’s minds, legitimising the need to carry on as we are.


Transformaction is a process where people recognise we still have a window of opportunity to redesign our economic and social systems to better prepare for what’s to come. A crucial step is to treat the crisis with the respect it deserves. This is an emergency and requires urgency. The process also involves rejecting the current political framework. This framework isn’t fit for purpose to create momentum around a transformation necessary to avert a crisis.

Transformatisation vs Transformaction

If we think about the two paths, transformatisation takes us further away from the balance in the natural world. A balance that has allowed us to thrive as a species. Transformaction looks to reverse the damage and bring us back towards balance. The choice is ours. At present, I’m not optimistic we’ll be able to move away from our current path and create the transformation that’s necessary to bring us closer to balance.

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